On this day – 18th March

To those who are reading shahrukhtalks right now this is the first post that I will be making on this blog. I have thought about blogging for a while but I never got around to doing it. It can only be fitting that I start this blog by talking about one of my childhood enigmas, Mike Tyson.

On this day, March 18th 1991. Michael Gerrard Tyson came up against a formidable opponent in the name of Donovan ‘Razor’ Ruddock. Tysontyson_vs_ruddock_2 was on a two fight win streak coming off the back of his loss to James ‘Buster’ Douglas. Tyson knew that his legacy was at stake since his loss to Douglas; he was looking to make a comeback and reclaim his World Heavyweight crown. Tyson’s popularity was as big as ever, many thought that his defeat to the journeyman was a fluke, whereas others felt that he had been exposed and had flaws in his game.

Going into the Ruddock fight, Tyson proclaimed that “March 18th, Mike Tyson, Razor Ruddock. Razor Ruddock Dies. If he doesn’t die it doesn’t count.” The hype was built. The stage was set. Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, would be the where the Tyson resurgence would be initiated.

As the bell sounded both men  immediately came forward and fireworks insued. There was aggresion from both parties and neither seemed willing to back down. Razor genuinely believed that he had what it took to repeat what Buster Douglas had done in 1990 just over a year ago, by knocking out Tyson.

As the first round came to a close Tyson hit Ruddock after the bell and referee Richard Steele was forced to break the two apart as they ignored the bell and continued throwing punches.

In the 2nd round Tyson again came out with aggresion as did Razor Ruddock in retaliation. Almost immediately after this Tyson then hit Ruddock with a left hook followed by a tangling of the legs leading to Ruddock being knocked down. Referee Steele counted it as a knockdown and the round was a 10-8 round. At this point it seemed as if Tyson was finally getting his rhythm in this bout.

Towards the end of round 3 Tyson again hit Ruddock with a monsterous left hook which caused Ruddock to be put flat on his back. Ruddock was able to scramble back to his feet and was saved by the bell.

As the fight continued Ruddock slowly recovered and Tyson was starting to slow down. Since the sacking of Kevin Rooney, Tyson no longer seemed like he had the conditioning or head movement for a full 12 rounds.

Inside the final minute of the 7th round Tyson unleashed a vintage Tyson right hook to the body followed by a left hook to the head followed by a barrage of punches. Steele stepped in stopping the fight as Ruddock was sent crashing into the ropes, albeit still on his feet. This resulted in members of Ruddock’s team entering the ring in protest at the early stoppage. As a consequence, a brawl occured with opposition cornermen. Steele was escorted out the arena for his own safety by security before the result had even been officially announced.

The conclusion, Tyson vs Ruddock II.




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