There are no happy endings in history, only crisis points that pass

Isaac Asimov, The Gods Themselves (1972): Section 3 Chapter 19, p. 287


When he plants his peach tree

No Blacks

No Dogs

No Irish

So imagine when we came over

We were treated like a virus

Looked at us like we were pests or vermin

Back then

How could this

Not be disturbing

You say times have changed

But when they did a Brexit

All these people calling

For us to exit

But this is my home!

‘Nah go back to your cesspit

But just leave behind

Your Doctors and Dentists’

Can you believe that this is the predicament

So much resentment

From some of our fellow citizens

You treat me different

Because I’m a descendant of an immigrant 

You keep fearing that

An invasion is imminent

‘If you want a coloured

For your neighbour

Vote Labour

If you are already burdened with one

Vote Tory’

Even today

We have a similar story

Hey Winston old chap,

Am I still beastly?

What about my Dad,

When he plants his peach tree?

S.R. Ali